Back underground

May 1, 2010

We’ve closed the doors in Long Beach. It feels like we’ve dropped an anchor. Had the best year of our lives though! Thanks to everyone who supported us, all the bands who came to our shows, all the artists who showed, and especially to Joanna Roche; who made rad music, art, and fashion possible and who wanted to keep running with it. But it comes to a point where you have to make a descision about whether you want to keep doing rad parties, selling weird clothes, and just being yourself… or if you turn all that off and just focus on making money. I don’t think any of us wanted that. So back to our beginnings – little rooms, suitcases, typewriters, road trips, antique shows, estate sales, and summer!!!!!!!!!!


April 22, 2010

Vintage Vixen <3’s Us !

March 20, 2010

“This morning we left sunny Portland for rainy California, and headed straight to Long Beach! After so many of you insisted we go to 4th st we were pretty excited to get there. We went to about four or five vintage clothing shops, but these three were my favorites, (Liberty, Scuda, Vintage Collective). I found something wonderful at each one.”

“An 80s does 20s sailor dress, can’t wait for summer to wear it! From Scuda Vintage ”

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Sat FEB 27th – Gestapo Khazi w/ DJ’s

February 24, 2010

Photoshoot fun w/ Tyler

February 24, 2010

Cool your jets ladies.. he’s married !


February 23, 2010


Haircuts, Pizza, and a Sale! Just in time for V-Day

February 11, 2010


John Boy & Dj Hotcakes – Ferns Bar

February 8, 2010

Scuda’s John Boy spinning random fuzz, garage, and weirdness w/ DJ Josh Hotcakes. Every second tuesday @ Ferns. 1st showng this tuesday – Feb 9th. Ps… thanks to Ignacio for flyer. See earlier posts for his artwork samples.

Book Parade w/ UL Harper March 6th

February 8, 2010

Mark your calendars for UL Harpers Book Parade.. w/readings from Flesh Statue, slam poetry, music, and give aways.!

Goldiggers live at Scuda!!!

February 1, 2010

Photos from the Goldiggers show at Scuda this past Saturday. We kept giving Todd the fake mic just to get him riled up. Such a great set. Definitely made our month end a blast here at Scuda.

This photo courtesy of Drew Kelley – .

Also thanks to Zara for dropping off some amazing artwork. Photos soon.